Tokyo Bike

WebOpt_Tokyo_BadgesComposite_710Bike riding in Japan is part of life, it’s about enjoying the ride, exploring the city, and the freedom that goes with that. In 2009 we began a discussion about launching a range of bicycles and bicycle accessories in Sydney and in 2010 we launched Japanese brand Tokyo Bike in Australia. More about slow, than fast, we were interested in the idea of a city bike where destination is only part of the journey, and losing yourself in the small back lanes and expansive parks and gardens is a way of escaping the pace of a city.

Identifying a back lane in Sydney’s Surry Hills that evoked the hidden laneways of Tokyo, the project involved the design of a retail shop, a new brand identity and website, including photography and film making on the streets of Tokyo with Kento Mori, and the shop’s Sydney launch in Marys Place.

WebOpt_TokyoBike_710_Street1WebOpt_TokyoBike_710_Opener3WebOpt_Tokyo_710_RP-TP-0221WebOpt_Tokyo_710_RP-TP-0193WebOpt_Tokyo_710_RP-TP-0125WebOpt_Tokyo_710_RP-TP-0081WebOpt_TokyoBike_710_Street3(retail concept, architecture, identity)
Conceptual approach: Heidi Dokulil and Graeme Smith. Editing, writing, photo direction: Heidi Dokulil. Web design: Lee Wong, Graeme Smith. Identity design, creative direction, Graeme Smith. Principal photography and filming: Kento Mori (Tokyo) and Justin Alexander (Sydney). Shop design: Richard Peters, Heidi Dokulil. Badges: Beatrice Chew.

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