Hill Street Precinct & food forest


In many of the world’s great cities – New York, Paris, Tokyo – enjoyment can be found in diversity. Tokyo has its older suburbs like Yanaka where the pace is slower, and people are attracted by things small-scale and local. In Yanaka, to be local is to know the soba maker, tofu shop, tea seller, greengrocer, fishmonger and bicycle maker, and to take pleasure in the closely connected rituals of home and work and the life of the city that can often be found in the narrow lanes.

In Sydney, Hill Street Precinct is the unofficial name of a narrow wedge of small streets a few paces south of Taylor Square, Surry Hills. A diverse mix of creative businesses, retailers. providores, florists, galleries, bars and cafés makes Surry Hills an enjoyable place to live and work.


The idea for HIll Street Precinct was to retain the diversity that already exists and to create places for more of it to happen – with new botanical spaces, walkable laneways and venues for local participation. Our proposition was to capture the precinct’s unique identity with an online publishing platform and seasonal arts program, which included a collaboration with Melbourne landscape designers The Artist as Family to create a permaculture garden on the front lawn of St Michael’s Church, a venue for Pecha Kucha Night in a small courtyard tucked between two warehouse buldings during the Sydney Architecture Festival and the launch of a series of exhibitions throughout the precinct for Sydney Design.

(Identity, publishing, events)
Conceptual approach: Heidi Dokulil, Graeme Smith. Editing and writing: Heidi Dokulil, Graeme Smith. Web design: Lee Wong, Graeme Smith. Creative direction: Graeme Smith. Client: Tepcorp. Location: Sydney

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