Garden Post

A newspaper produced from The Newsroom workshops, Garden Post is a new local paper made in collaboration with cub reporters from the City of Randwick. This is the first stage in an ongoing program focusing on the theme ‘know local’.

WebOpt_GardenPost_1_710We worked with 10 budding reporters to get to know more about the special ingredients that make Randwick, Randwick. Balancing a little instruction with a lot of experimentation and hands-on activities: sampling, image-making and conversation, our approach was to encourage abilities for creative expression, literacy and cultural inclusiveness through a deeper understanding of where they live. Given the right means, encouragement and cues, the joys of these engagements can be easily found in our own ‘backyards’.

In this first issue we headed to the Randwick Community Organic Garden to explore organic city farming, worms and composting, food forests, aquaponics and chooks with local gardeners Jessica Perini and Lauchlan Giddy. The two day weekend program was about developing skills in storytelling, illustration and photography and at the same time learning about the local habitat.

Congratulations go to all the hard working reporters who spent two days interviewing, taking photos, illustrating and writing about the Randwick Community Organic Garden.. A total of 4,000 copies of Garden Post were distributed across the City of Randwick through the local schools and public libraries.




Concept: Heidi Dokulil, Graeme Smith. Design: Graeme Smith. Sponsorship and support: The City of Randwick. Gardener / tour leaders: Jessica Perini, Lauchlan Giddy. Kid minders: Wade Mathias and Jennifer Cockburn-Hillis, The Shack Youth Services. Video artist: Su-An Ng. Sound recording: Beatrice Chew. Programmers, designers and facilitators: Heidi Dokulil, Graeme Smith and Beatrice Chew. Printers: Newsprinters.