The Newsroom


Our ‘know local’ kids’ workshop was the pilot for a continuing program designed to open new ways for children to engage with their local community through storytelling and photography. Our first group of ten budding reporters headed to the Randwick Community Organic Garden. Worms, composting, food forests, aquaponics, tasting unfamiliar fruits, writing, drawing, photographing, and designing a hotel for chooks were some of the subjects and activities covered in our outdoor/indoor workshop. All of the stories and photographs were published in Garden Post, a tabloid size newspaper that was distributed across the City of Randwick.





Concept: Heidi Dokulil, Graeme Smith. Sponsorship and support: The City of Randwick. Gardener / tour leaders: Jessica Perini, Lauchlan Giddy. Kid minders: Wade Mathias and Jennifer Cockburn-Hillis, The Shack Youth Services. Video artist: Su-An Ng. Sound recording: Beatrice Chew. Architectural consultant: Richard Peters. Graphics printer: Stefan Kahn. Suppliers of beautiful, crusty bread: Brasserie Bread, Bourke Street Bakery. Programmers, designers and facilitators: Heidi Dokulil, Graeme Smith and Beatrice Chew.